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As the hero faces the ordeal, he encounters the greatest challenge of the journey. Upon rising to the challenge, the hero will receive a reward, or boon.

Campbell's theory of the monomyth continues with the inclusion of a metaphorical death and resurrection. The hero must then decide to return with this boon to the ordinary world. The hero then faces more trials on the road back.

Der Heros In Tausend Gestalten

Upon the hero's return, the boon or gift may be used to improve the hero's ordinary world, in what Campbell calls, the application of the boon. While many myths do seem to follow the outline of Campbell's monomyth, there is some variance in the inclusion and sequence of some of the stages.

Still, there is an abundance of literature and folklore that follows the motif of the archetypal narrative, paralleling the more general steps of "Departure" sometimes called Separation , "Initiation", and "Return".

The last part of the monomyth is the "Return", which follows the hero's journey home. The book cites the similarities of the stories, and references them as he breaks down the structure of the monomyth.

The book includes a discussion of "the hero's journey" by using the Freudian concepts popular in the s and s. Campbell's theory incorporates a mixture of Jungian archetypes , unconscious forces, and Arnold van Gennep 's structuring of rites of passage rituals to provide some illumination. Background[ edit ] Campbell used the work of early 20th century theorists to develop his model of the hero see also structuralism , including Freud particularly the Oedipus complex , Carl Jung archetypal figures and the collective unconscious , and Arnold Van Gennep.

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