OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON is a compelling, enthralling and totally convincing work that opens our minds to what is quite possibly. THE REAL MEANING OF OUR LUNAR LEGACY REVEALED! SECRETS OF OUR. SPACESHIP. The Istounding sequel to. OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP. Secrets of Our Spaceship meatfharfuhandsi.ga - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON, Don Wilson Interview by Harry Belil.

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Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Now the crucial missing link in the chain of evidence. DownloadOur mysterious spaceship moon by don wilson pdf. It was sadly misrepresented, but from catch a good one, Keralaw said, for realized who he was. Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon: Is Our Nearest Neighbor A Huge Alien Spacecraft? [Don Wilson] on meatfharfuhandsi.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Is the.

I do need to mention that no mention of cosmic wars or Draco's are involved with in their thesis, nor do they claim it is still inhabited.

I highly recommend this book this book to all Chanites as it contains so much information that has either been removed from public domains or was never published. The book, written in starts with historical observations by leading astronomers from the 1,'s onwards of strange happenings on the surface of Luna.

Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

Many, many objects and light moving, structures appearing and then disappearing. During the '50's, domes were popping up all over the place, some remained whilst others disappeared within months. The book is well referenced and highlights an era when NASA was still run by scientists and not the NSA, when scientists were allowed to be interviewed and say what they thought.

Although in the earlier days, everyone made their findings public through science journals. An example: In Johann Schroeter recorded a six mile crater which he named Linne. This German astronomer made hundreds of maps of the Moon over many years.

OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON, Don Wilson Interview by Harry Belil

As he recorded his observations he saw this crater gradually disappear. Today Linne is just a tiny bright spot with little depth; a small pit surrounded by whitish deposits.

Marconi and Telsa also reported flashing Lunar lights. Closer to our own day, in , Ohio University reported, along with observations around the world, a "code-like radio chatter from the moon".

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And finally, in October , American, Soviet, and British astronomers detected something speeding toward the Moon at better than 25, miles per hour! They not only saw the strange object; they heard it emitting radio signals that no one could interpret! Note: Every Apollo astronaut heard "background" noise and high-pitched whistles through their comms whilst orbiting or on the Luna surface.

This book is filled with chapter after chapter of incredible info. I thought Christopher Night's book "Who Built The Moon" was pretty good but it does not contain a fraction of the historical data presented here. Conversations between astronauts and mission control from every Apollo mission, where astronauts were so exited, they blurted out before mc could steer them to a secure channel, like this one: Former NASA space program member Otto Binder claims that significant portions of of Mission Control-Apollo 11 conversations were deleted.

Mission Control from time to time gave orders to the astronauts in some unusual terms, seemingly whenever an unusual sighting was taking place, directing them to Go to Whiskey Whiskey or Barbara Barbara or Bravo Bravo or Kilo Kilo.

The Moon is only 2, miles in diameter, while the Sun is , miles. That makes the Suns diameter approximately times greater. To put it another way, the ratio of our Moons disk to the Suns is Strangely enough, this works out to about the same ratio approximately So the distance just about cancels out the size, and this is why the tiny Moon appears to the viewer on the Earth to be about the same size as our gigantic Sun.

Isaac Asimov makes an observation about this truly amazing situation, which he calls coincidence. It is the sheerest of coincidences, and only the Earth among all the planets is blessed in this fashion. Wilkins explains his astounding conclusion: Long ago it was calculated that if the Moon had contracted on cooling at the same rate as granite, a drop of only degrees would create hollows in the interior amounting to no less than 14 millions of cubic miles.

Pure iron that does not rust is unknown on Earth.

Physicists and scientific experts claim they cannot understand how this is at all possible without some kind of manufacturing process being involved. They also point out that it is beyond out present Earth technology.

Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon.pdf

This is the reverse of what one would expect. On Earth the lava that flows upwards and out onto the surface is the lighter component not the heavier fraction.

SOSM Page " Perhaps the most striking phenomenon of all regarding our strange Moon is that the seismic recordings each month conform to nearly the same identical pattern. The sequence of events, as Earths gravity tugs at the Moon, seems to be the same each month, rendering the same seismic signature. In the case of the Moon, lunar expert Gary Latham NASA explains, probably the tidal pull of the Earth on the Moon builds up until the friction can no longer hold these surfaces together and they just pop; they slide But of course they would not slide each and every time in the same way at the same time.

And yet they appear to be doing just that! When the Moon is closest Perigee the first pooping noises come. Actually, the very first occur five days before the Moon reaches Perigee in its orbit, and then again another event indicates something stirring in the Moon three days before Perigee. The amazing thing is the clockwork precision with which this all happens. Scientists find it absolutely astonishing. You can set your watch by it, confesses Latham.


Because of the Moons proportionally great size some scientists have even labeled the Earth-Moon combination an actual double planetary system.

Asimov asks: " Small planets, such as Earth, with weak gravitational fields, might well lack satellites.

Pluto has no known satellites, neither have Mercury and Venus Yet Earth, quite surprisingly, does have a satellite the Moon. Its not just having satellites. Its primarily the SIZE of those satellites In general, then, when a planet does have satellites, there would be every reason to suspect Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite, 2, miles in diameter. Such a gravitational capture should have produced a rather elongated, elliptical orbit, instead of the nearly circular path the Moon now follows around the Earth.

Almost all other satellites in the solar system circle their respective planets in the same plane of the orbs equator. But not out Moon.

Its orbit instead lies strangely closer to the Earths orbit around the Sun. Puzzled scientists wonder: Why is our Moon circling the Earth outside this usual equatorial planetary orbit?

They do not know. NOTE: The more scientists look at the evidence brought back from the Moon, the more they are convinced that it was formed at some remote corner of the Galaxy, and was captured by the Earth several thousand years ago.

The problem with the capture theory is that, for one, the Moon is too BIG. Secondly, its orbit is too perfectly circular, and too far out from the Earth.

As outlandish as it may seem, the theory of Spaceship Moon having been altered and steered into Earth orbit by god-knows-who several thousand years ago seems to be the only one that fits all of the evidence. It was a planet in its own right Such a planet had to be captured to become the satellite of the Earth. This theory holds that, not only our Earth, but ALL planets are formed hollow. Therefore, the fact that the Moon is hollow does not necessarily mean that it is a spaceship fashioned by Aliens.Science at Fra Mauro , p.

Your photo-path runs directly between Pierce and Pease. Oh, and also puts up the possibility, based on historical descriptions, that humankind must be related to the Moons inhabitants And doesn't mention fossil records completely disproving this. The sequence of events, as Earths gravity tugs at the Moon, seems to be the same each month, rendering the same seismic signature. The book, written in starts with historical observations by leading astronomers from the 1,'s onwards of strange happenings on the surface of Luna.

Wilkins, one of the worlds leading lunar experts before his untimely death a few years ago, was convinced that extensive hollow areas did exist inside the Moon, perhaps in the form of caverns, and that these were connected to the surface by huge holes or pits.

Apollo astronaut John Young Length of the tracks ranges from. To keep the center of gravity to within 6 feet of the surface, it would need a tread width of 20 feet" MGTE Page 77 "The Rover encountered mostly loose dust and rocks on the Moon.

I'm sure there are strong arguments in favor of each of these possibilities.

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